Pandemic Response Toolkit

Tools designed to help you keep your people safe


Instant, Easy Access

Using the Bizsecure Health Assessment Portal, your can enroll users to take health questionnaire on their personal devices, minimizing contact.


Health Surveys

Employees take daily assessments of their symptoms and exposure to screen for possible infection – and alert you if they may be at risk.


Optional Hardware

The BizSecure Temperature Kiosk takes touchless temperature, and provides access control, it’s the perfect add-on to enhance safety and streamline operations.


Secure, Verifiable Credentials

Verify COVID-19 test results and (once it’s made available) immunization with a simple digital scan, making it easy to keep people healthy and safe.



Get verified data at your fingertips to manage users and results, without sharing any sensitive, personal information.


Communication tools

We provide the tools you need to effectively communicate how you’re enhancing workplace safety, giving employees the confidence to move forward.

What Pandemic Response Tools
does your organization need?

Organizations are having to adapt to new day-to-day operations to keep their staff and customers safe, healthy, and working. Our Pandemic Response Toolkit provides you with the necessary systems to monitor employee health, provide medical resources, and ensure safety protocols are being followed.

The BizSecure App

The BizSecure Digital Wallet provides users with the ability to protect and share their digital health credentials with trusted entities. Our privacy-preserving technology puts users in the driver’s seat without leaving employers in the dark.

Health Assessments

You can monitor a user’s health with symptom assessments. You’ll also be able to provide an easy way for members in your organization to be tested and privately alert admins of any health concerns or risk of infection.

Thermo Smart Device

The BizSecure Facial Detection Smart Terminal provides access control by ensuring face masks are being utilized and body temperature readings remain under the recommended threshold. Our terminals can also verify a user’s credentials.

360 Admin Dashboard

The 360 Administrative Dashboard provides insight and control to you and your organization with a HIPAA compliant administrative portal.

CISCO Meraki Camera System

The CISCO Camera System allows you to quickly and easily monitor entire venues for temperature spikes, mask detection, and capacity.

Custom Solutions

BizSecure solutions are powered by state-of-the-art-technology. Our comprehensive technology suite will meet your specific needs.
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Peace of Mind

Amidst Endless Uncertainty

We’ve partnered with experts in the medical field to bring to life the tools that help business owners, school administrators, and everyday people feel safer and more confident going back to work, knowing that they’re doing everything they can to keep people healthy and safe.

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